Online Lease Access

SFAA members are able to pay to access, email and print the SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease Agreement) online.

Please see below for pricing for online access to the 2018 Lease Agreement.

Note: Google Chrome must be used to access the online Lease Agreement.
(Members are allotted the number of leases that is associated with their unit count. As a courtesy, SFAA has allowed an additional 5 copies in addition to the actual unit count on record).

Regular Members                      Management Companies $450 for one year
$25.00- 1 time use
(This will allow you 48 hours to complete the lease agreement online. If you need to access the lease after the 48 hours has expired you will be able to renew the 48 hour subscription)
$200.00- 1- 30 units
$250.00- 31-100 units
$325.00 - 100+ units

Click here to access our Online Lease

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