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NEW - 10/24/17: Consider Housing a North Bay Fire Victim Today

SFAA is working with the City of San Francisco to offer Good Samaritan tenancies to victims of the fires in the Wine Country and the North Bay.

Good Samaritan tenancies are typically one or two year tenancies that are offered at below market rate to victims of a natural disaster. Good Samaritan tenancies differ from typical rent-controlled tenancies in that at the expiration of the lease term, the property owner has the right to extend the tenancy, end the tenancy, or adjust the rent to fair market value.

If you have a vacancy that you’d be willing to use to help somebody in need, please consider offering your apartment to a victim of the California fires. Please contact Ben Amyes at the San Francisco Human Services Agency via email or phone at Benjamin.Amyes@sfgov.org or 415-557-5370 if you are able to offer housing in this time of need.

For technical questions about the Good Samaritan law and program, please contact Charley Goss at the SFAA at charley@sfaa.org or 415-255-2288.

Read more about the Good Samaritan program here.

Legislative Advocacy

SFAA’s Government affairs staff advocates at City Hall and City departments like Building Inspection, Planning, and Public Health on legislation, policies, and ballot measures that impact rental housing providers citywide.

SFAA Political Action Committee and Legal Fund

SFAA’s Political Action Committee works to support and recommend local candidates and ballot measures to foster a friendlier environment for rental housing providers. SFAA’s Legal Fund is used to litigate against laws that have passed at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that infringe upon the rights of property owners.

Fire Safety Requirements - January 2017

Tenant Fire Safety Disclosure Information plus other fire safety updates including the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Disclosures.

San Francisco Ordinances

161110 / Farrell Internet Access / Passed 12/22

On 12/22/16, Supervisor Farrell passed an ordinance to prohibit owners of multiple occupancy buildings from interfering with the choice of internet and cable services providers by building residents. The ordinance also establishes requirements for internet service providers when obtaining access to these buildings, and establishes remedies for violation of the access requirements. View the final legislation

170626 / Tang Fire Safety Disclosure /Amended 7/11/17 View the final legislation

160422 / Campos Fire Safety Upgrades / Passed 8/11

View the final legislation

170159 / Peskin Restrictive Showerheads / Introduced 2/7

View the legislation  View the digest

170158 / Peskin/Breed Short Term Rentals / Introduced 2/7

Supervisor Peskin and Breed introduced an ordinance on 2/7/17 that requires Hosting Platforms to exercise reasonable care in verifying that a residential unit is on the City Registry before accepting fees for short term rental transactions. View the legislation  View the digest

170434 / Peskin Accessory Dwelling Unit Cleanup Ordinance/Amended 7/11/17 View the Legislation


170439 / Farrell Owner Move In Ordinance/Amended 7/11/17  View the Legislation


Updated Fire Safety Regulations

The City and SFFD have finished updating and simplifying last year’s Fire Safety regulations. The City has passed Ordinance 164-17 to repeal and amend many of last year’s requirements related to diagramming and mapping individual apartments and floorplans.

Instead of diagramming your building’s apartments and common areas, you can fulfill your obligations under this law by communicating the following to all residents in writing or via email by January 1, 2018:

  • The location of all fire extinguishers on the resident’s floor, along with the dates of last servicing
  • The location of all emergency exits on the residents floor, and a statement that they must remain unobstructed
  • The location of all fire escapes on the resident’s floor if applicable, and the dates of last inspection
  • The location of the building fire alarm control panel and all manual pull stations on the resident’s floor, if applicable
  • The date when the building fire alarm system was last inspected and tested, and confirmation that the building fire alarm system is certified
  • Instructions on how to confirm that the smoke alarms are in working condition, and a statement of when the smoke alarms were last replaced
  • Instructions on how to confirm that the carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition, and a statement of when the CO detectors were last replaced
  • The phone number of the appropriate contact within the SFFD for reporting suspected violations of these requirements: (415) 558-3300
  • Instructions (provided by the City) in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino directing persons who wish to view general fire safety guidance in any of these languages to do so on the Fire Department’s official website and providing a link to this website. (http://sf-fire.org/fire-safety-tips-san-francisco)
  • Any other information that would assist a resident to escape or prevent a fire in the building
  • Instructions and a website link to access the fire safety training video that the SFFD shall post and maintain on the internet – (Video available Jan. 1, 2018) (http://sf-fire.org/new-fire-safety-requirements-building-owners)


Building Owners must keep a copy of the notice which includes this information for two years. These requirements apply to buildings of 3+ units.


Fire Safety requirements as part of another ordinance last year, which requires the posting of template language about Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm information and Building Contact telephone information, remains unchanged and is still in effect and required by City law.

Ordinance 164-17: https://sfgov.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5338078&GUID=1ACBAE60-EB34-459E-9313-BB2A09E8591F

More information about the City’s Fire Safety regulations is available from the SF Fire Department here: http://sf-fire.org/new-fire-safety-requirements-building-owners

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