SFAA Government Affairs

Legislative Advocacy

SFAA’s Government affairs staff advocates at City Hall and City departments like Building Inspection, Planning, and Public Health on legislation, policies, and ballot measures that impact rental housing providers citywide.

SFAA Political Action Committee and Legal Fund

SFAA’s Political Action Committee works to support and recommend local candidates and ballot measures to foster a friendlier environment for rental housing providers. SFAA’s Legal Fund is used to litigate against laws that have passed at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that infringe upon the rights of property owners.

Fire Safety Requirements - January 2017

Tenant Fire Safety Disclosure Information plus other fire safety updates including the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Disclosures.

State Legislation

AB 1506  - Costa Hawkins Repeal

Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) introduced a bill to repeal the state’s Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Costa-Hawkins exempts post-1995 construction from local rent control laws, exempts single family homes from rent control and requires all local rent control laws to contain a "vacancy decontrol" provision which allows for rents to be set at market value when a resident vacates. Legislation Information

AB 352 - Affordable Housing: Efficiency Units

This bill increases affordable housing by supporting the development of “efficiency units” – often referred to as micro apartment units.

AB 678 - Strengthening California’s Housing Accountability Act

This bill would strengthen the HAA by requiring a local agency to make relevant findings if they deny a housing development. It also clarifies provisions of the Act and imposes added penalties on agencies that violate the Act without appropriate findings. The bill applies appropriate pressure on local governments that attempt to stop the project with no good cause, which is necessary for adequate enforcement.

AB (unnumbered) - Slow Growth Measure – Voter Approval 

This bill would require any local measure that curbs, delays, or deters growth or development within a city to now be approved by at least a two-thirds vote.

San Francisco Ordinances

161110 / Farrell Internet Access / Passed 12/22

On 12/22/16, Supervisor Farrell passed an ordinance to prohibit owners of multiple occupancy buildings from interfering with the choice of internet and cable services providers by building residents. The ordinance also establishes requirements for internet service providers when obtaining access to these buildings, and establishes remedies for violation of the access requirements. View the final legislation

150792 / Tang Fire Safety Disclosure / Passed 8/11

View the final legislation

160422 / Campos Fire Safety Upgrades / Passed 8/11

View the final legislation

170159 / Peskin Restrictive Showerheads / Introduced 2/7

View the legislation  View the digest

170158 / Peskin/Breed Short Term Rentals / Introduced 2/7

Supervisor Peskin and Breed introduced an ordinance on 2/7/17 that requires Hosting Platforms to exercise reasonable care in verifying that a residential unit is on the City Registry before accepting fees for short term rental transactions. View the legislation  View the digest

170125 / Peskin ADU Cleanup / Introduced 1/31

Supervisor Peskin has introduced an ordinance on 1/31/17 amending the Planning Code to bring the requirements and procedures for authorizing the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in single-family homes into conformity with the new mandates of state law. View the legislation  View the digest

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