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CCRM Fall 2020 Webinar Series
CCRM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERIES This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand and perform the day to day tasks of property management. Make your resume stand out from others when interviewing. Topics covered in this course include: Introduction to Ethical Property Management, Rent the Property, Beginning and Maintaining the Tenancy, Renewal of Tenancy and Ending the Tenancy, Maintenance Management: Maintaining the Property, Liability & Risk Management, Budget... Details
When: September 8 – November 10, 2020
Where: San Francisco, CA
Lunch & Learn Move In Checklist Webinar
What do you do when you have a move in? Do you have your checklist, hand book and welcome package ready? Take a lunch break and attend out Lunch and Learn about all the Move In Checklist class.

When: October 27, 2020
Lunch & Learn Rent Collection
One of the most important basics of rent collection is how you collect rent, or from your tenants' perspectives, how they're supposed to make payments. Find out the best practices on collecting the rent, when to issue late or 3 day notices.

When: October 29, 2020
SFAA 2020 Lease Review Webinar
The SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement is one of the commonly used leases in San Francisco. Many landlords utilize this lease and this course will enable you to complete the lease details correctly, outline your obligations as an owner, and explain your responsibilities of the tenants. This lease is written and updated every year by leading residential real estate attorneys and our class is taught by contributing attorney – Dave Wasserman, Wasserman & Stern  Curtis Dowling of Dowling ... Details
When: October 30, 2020
Lunch & Learn Maintenance Requests-Webinar
Your tenant needs work done in the unit. Who do you send out? How does the worker handle going into the unit? What things should be in place before they enter the unit? Come learn on your lunch break how to deal with a maintenance call during this time of shelter in place.

When: November 3, 2020
Lunch & Learn Vendors
Need a vendor?  Need help navigating choosing the right one? Come and learn on your lunch the process of how to choose the best vendor for you needs.

When: November 5, 2020
Fair Housing 101
Fair housing laws are broad and encompass virtually all areas of real property and rental housing.  It is imperative for property owners and landlords to understand fair housing laws and apply them to their ownership and management of real property.  Failure to do so exposes them to discrimination claims and potential liability. “

When: November 5, 2020
Lunch & Learn Complaints
Are your tenants complaining about noise?  Is someone smoking in the building? Are people having to many people in one unit? Come and learn on your lunch about dealing with complaints.

When: November 10, 2020
Lunch & Learn 30 Day Notice of Intent to Vacate Webi
Do you know all the ins and outs of processing a 30 Day Notice of Intent to Vacate?  Want to learn about what your responsibilities as a landlord? Come and learn on your lunch the process of how to deal with a 30 day notice of intent to vacate from your tenant.

When: November 12, 2020
Habitability Issues During the Coronavirus Pandemic
California Civil Code Sections 1941 and 1942 define a landlord’s responsibilities for repairs. Find out what your responsibilities are for providing a safe, sanitary and livable unit for your tenants during the coronavirus pandemic.

When: November 12, 2020
How to Serve Every Kind of Notice Webinar
"But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes you are. You're gonna have to serve somebody. Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord. But you're gonna have to serve somebody.”

When: November 17, 2020
Lunch & Learn Initial Inspection Webinar
Have questions about when you should have the initial inspection of the unit? Not sure what steps are now required prior to doing an initial inspection? Take a lunch break and attend our Lunch and Learn Initial Inspection class.

When: November 17, 2020
Airbnb Webinar
LEGAL ISSUES AFFECTING SHORT-TERM RENTALS- AIRBNB SEMINAR Are Short-Term Rentals of Residential Real Property Legal in San Francisco?  Can you evict your tenant if you can prove they are using the unit for short term rentals?

When: November 18, 2020
Rodents 101Webinar
The City has seen in increase in rodent activity. Learn what can be done to control rodent populations in and around your property. We’ll also discuss the “rat of the sky”, pigeons and the various products available to keep them off our buildings

When: November 19, 2020
Lunch & Learn Move Out Acknowledgement Webinar
What do you do when your tenant gives you 30 days notice. Take a lunch break and attend out Lunch and Learn about all the Required Notices class.

When: November 19, 2020