All About Ellis

All About Ellis
As the City continues to chip away at the rights of rental property owners, many are turning to the state’s Ellis Act in order to remove their building from the rental market altogether.

The Ellis Act is a 1985 California law which was passed in response to the California Supreme Court’s ruling that landlords do not have the right to evict tenants in order to go out of the business of being a landlord. In recent years, San Francisco has also passed local restrictions on buildings which have invoked the Ellis Act.

Learn all about the intricacies of the Ellis Act law, as well as the legal restrictions on San Francisco properties once an Ellis Act has taken place. This course will also cover a procedural overview of the Ellis Act, the common scenarios building owners find themselves in, the options available to them after they’ve used the Ellis Act, and the political climate related to the Ellis Act both locally and at the state level.

Taught by attorney Scott Freedman of Zacks, Freedman & Patterson, located in San Francisco.

Fee: Members: $65 non-members: $85 Credit Card payment required for non-members
For more information, contact Maria Shea at 415.255.2288 x10 or
4/29/2020 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Fort Mason Center Bldg C, Room#205 San Francisco 94103 UNITED STATES

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