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Save precious time and money by introducing automation into your leasing process! Intellirent is a rental marketing and tenant screening tool that is 100% free for landlords, agents and property managers. Each applicant pays a $40 fee which covers the cost of credit and eviction reports, tenancy and employment verifications and much more.  What are you waiting for? Click here to create a free account.


Online Application – It’s Quick, Easy and Secure!

SFAA members can instantly begin screening applicants after creating an account. To screen an applicant, simply click on the “Request Application” button on the “My Applications” page. You’ll enter the email address of your applicant and we will instantly send them a link to complete their application online. You may also request applications by providing your unique application link or by sending a text message, directly from Intellirent!


Once a renter has completed their application, you’ll receive it instantly, along with their credit and nationwide eviction reports and supporting documents such as proof of income and photo ID. You no longer need to wait for your applicants to fill out a paper application or handle a manual pull of credit and eviction reports.


Additionally, Intellirent makes it easy to keep group applications organized. You will request an application from only one occupant while screening multiple people in the same household. This occupant will start the group application and invite others to complete their portion online. You’ll enjoy the convenience of instantly receiving the applications and screening reports for everyone in the household.


Rental Marketing – Attract More Leads, Instantly!

With your marketing feature turned on, Intellirent will automatically publish your listings across every major internet listing website. Any vacancy you post on Intellirent will also be published to Zillow, Trulia, Apartments.com and many other high traffic listing websites. To activate this feature, head to your settings by clicking on your name and then click on “Marketing.” To publish a property, head to the “My Listings” page and select “Add Listing.”


What’s Included

Agent Account                      Applicant Account:

Free, no annual contract, no office site visit

$40 per applicant charge includes: Online application, applicant identity verification, full consumer credit report, nationwide eviction report, tenancy and employment verifications



Quickly reach an Intellirent representative by clicking on the help icon at the bottom right of every screen within your Intellirent account. You can also email Intellirent at info@myintellirent.com or call (415) 849-4400.