Repeal of Costa Hawkins Hearing Scheduled -- Act Now

Assembly Bill 1506, which would repeal the state’s Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, has been scheduled for a legislative hearing before the state Assembly Housing and Community Development committee in Sacramento on January 11, 2018 at 9am in Room#4202.

The Costa-Hawkins Act does three main things:

  • Allows rents to be set at market value when a tenant moves out (vacancy decontrol)
  • Exempts single family homes and condominiums from rent control
  • Prohibits rent control on buildings built after June 13, 1979

If AB 1506 passes, cities throughout California would be able to:

  • Prohibit you from setting the asking rent for an apartment when it becomes vacant
  • Place single family homes and condominiums under rent control and eviction control
  • Place buildings built after 1979 under rent control and eviction control

It’s incredibly important that you make your voice heard to say “NO on 1506” by reaching out to Committee Chair David Chiu to let him know how this bill would negatively impact you and your tenants. Be prepared to provide your address to let him know you are a constituent.

For more on why you should oppose AB1506 read Why We Oppose AB 1506.

Assembly District 17-- Assembly Member David Chiu (co-sponsor of AB 1506)
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2017
SF Office: (415) 557-3013
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SFAA Members are also encouraged to attend the hearing in Sacramento. Contact to learn more.