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"I depend on SFAA's leases for my properties because they are written by attorneys who stay current and are aware of changing laws. When I have a quick question about a situation, SFAA's knowledgeable staff points me in the right direction. SFAA also protects my rights as a property owner."

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10+ years

"SFAA has been a fantastic resource for me since took I over management of our family apartments eight years ago. They are familiar with issues that are unique to our properties. I've taken several informative and helpful classes, and SFAA has connected me to other property owners. It gives me peace of mind to know SFAA provides sound advice and can put me in contact with great resources."

SFAA member since 2008

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Owners in San Francisco are faced with many challenges in the rental industry. SFAA can save you time and money by helping you promote, enhance, and protect your investment. For the cost of a single hour of a landlord attorney's time, SFAA will provide you with the tools and information you need to succeed, including:


  • Operational Advice
    Receive access to our one-on-one counseling services Monday through Friday that address your questions related to rent control or market rate buildings.

  • FREE Rental Forms
    FREE online access to State and industry-approved forms from the
    California Apartment Association.

  • SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement
    One FREE hard copy of the current Tenancy Agreement, updated annually by a panel of top SF landlord attorneys (online lease available for an additional fee for regular and management company members).

  • Advocacy for landlord rights on a local and state level
    SFAA is dedicated to keeping our members informed about new and proposed laws in San Francisco while fighting to protect the rights of rental property owners.  San Francisco land use policy changes so often, it is nearly impossible for property owners to keep abreast of the new laws. SFAA tracks new legislative activity and translates it into understandable and concise language.

  • Tenant Screening – Credit Bureau Associates
    The best way to protect your rental investment is to carefully select and screen your prospective tenants. CBA, provides detailed reports at discounted rates for members.

  • Seminars
    Stay up to date on the forever changing housing issues through educational seminars. SFAA offers a wide range of classes that address all aspects of the rental housing industry.  Learn first-hand from industry professionals, who will give you the knowledge you need to understand and perform the day to day tasks of property management.


  • SF Apartment Magazine– Free monthly subscription
    SFAA’s monthly publication is the premier publication in SF that delivers the latest and most vital information on issues that affect SF Rental Housing Community. SF Apartment Magazine prides itself on giving apartment owners the information needed to navigate the legal and political minefields in this tenant-friendly city. Published by Black Point Press, the magazine boasts an impressive and varied pool of writers and columnists—from the region’s top landlord/tenant lawyers to real-estate dealmakers to mom-and-pop owners—who educate readers on their rights and responsibilities of owning and managing rental property in San Francisco. The publication delivers in-depth features, colorful columnists and up-to-date sales statistics and trends, all wrapped up in a vibrant and innovative design.

  • Professional Services Directory– referral and networking opportunities
    A catalogue of invaluable products and services that every landlord needs. The Professional Services Directory is a resource guide of vendors that includes a full listing of SFAA Associate Members. This can be viewed in your monthly publication.

  • Electronic Publications
    Stay up to date with our email blasts, covering SFAA courses, critical legislative issues and monthly meetings. We’ll keep you informed about the latest news in the rental community.

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