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Prop G will impact you and needs to be defeated; please help

Dear SFAA Member:

The November 4, 2014 election is upon us!  For those of you registered to vote in San Francisco our state card can be found on our website (click here).

There is an important issue on that ballot that needs to be defeated.  Proposition G is an egregious real estate transfer tax that will charge you  up to 25% of the total sales price of your property should it pass.  This is in addition to the transfer tax you already pay! It is important that we defeat this measure.  It will cost you now or COST YOU MORE LATER!

Please help us defeat this measure by making a campaign contribution today.

Please mail a check or donate securely online to either of the following:
265 Ivy Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
FPPC#: 840002


Stop the Housing Tax, No on G
425 Market Street, 26th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
FPPC#: 1369949
Make an online donation here

Please send your checks today! The election is only two weeks away and the vote on Prop G will be very close. Thank you.