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CAA and SFAA help defeat Ellis Act bill

On June 24, the California Apartment Association and the San Francisco Apartment Association were victorious in defeating Senator Mark Leno’s bill (SB 1439) restricting the use of the Ellis Act in San Francisco. The California State Assembly’s Housing and Community Development Committee rejected the bill 4-3, and on June 24 Senator Leno announced he would drop the bill for this session. The Ellis Act is a California law that states that landlords have the right to go out of the rental housing business if they choose. For many San Francisco property owners, the Ellis Act is the only way to regain possession of their home, or to move in a caregiver or family member.

The bill, which would require property owners to own property for five years before using the Ellis Act, was an attack on the rights of property owners and represented an attempt to shift the burden of providing affordable rental housing from the City to small, private landlords.

The California Apartment Association, our partners in Sacramento, went above and beyond the call of duty and worked diligently both day and night to defeat the bill. A special thank you to the San Francisco Association of Realtors, the Small Property Owners of San Francisco, the Coalition for Better Housing,, and all of our members who called, wrote letters and emailed their state representatives in opposition to this bill. This is an important victory for all property owners in San Francisco and in California.

Thank you,
The San Francisco Apartment Association