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SFAA Residential Rental Agreement (Lease Agreement)

We are proud to launch the SFAA Residential Rental Agreement (also known as the Lease Agreement).

The 2014 form is available for purchase by mail order, phone, fax, directly at the SFAA office, through our secure website or through our Fill Out Forms Online Service.

Changes to the 2014 Residential Rental Agreement
The following is an abbreviated list of changes made to the 2014 Residential Rental Agreement (also known as the Lease Agreement). This list is informational only and SFAA recommends landlords and tenants both read through the complete lease to understand changes:

  • #12 Inspection of Premises – Added carbon dioxide detectors are working are operative and are deemed satisfactory by Tenant unless Owner is notified in writing by Tenant to the contrary.
  • #13 Use - Added acknowledgment that the Tenant may never use the Premises for hotel, daily, or short-term usage. Specifically, any advertising or on-line postings as well actual rentals of the Premises to vacation or short-term guests shall constitute a material breach of the Lease Agreement and shall be just cause for eviction.
  • #17 Smoking – Added rule that Tenant shall inform guests/invitees that the premises prohibits smoking. Removal of Marijuana restrictions regarding the growth, cultivation, sale or use in any form on the premises.
  • #23 Utilities – Added If a parking area is rented to Tenant for Tenant’s exclusive use, Tenant may not use electrical outlet to charge Tenant’s vehicle unless Tenant has obtained the express written permission of Owner to do so.
  • Added San Francisco Tobacco Smoke Disclosure Addendum
  • House Rules-Added Bike Rack disclosure that states the Tenant use of said bike rack is at their own risk.  Owner is not liable or responsible in any way of theft or damage to Tenant’s bike(s). Tenant must provide a locking device and must cooperate with other building residents to ensure everyone has use of the bike rack. Owner may, at Owner’s sole discretion, remove the bike rack and discontinue this service for any reason, and Tenant hereby acknowledges that such a discontinuation or interruption of usage shall not constitute a decrease in housing services.

    Added Waste Removal Law that states the Tenant shall cooperate with all waste removal laws now in effect or that become effective during the tenancy. Tenant shall ensure all of Tenant’s waste is properly sorted and placed in the appropriate bin. Any fines levied against Owner for a violation of rules pertaining to the sorting of waste items shall be paid by the offending Tenant. Tenant agrees to comply with all governmental recycling and composting requirements.
  • Unit Care- Added Tenant may not burn incense and may not leave burning candles unattended.
  • Wall hangings- Added Adhesive picture hangers designed for such use and easy removal are permitted. Picture hangers employing a small nail or pin are also permitted.

Fill Out Forms Online Service

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  • Regular SFAA Members can purchase the SFAA Residential Rental Agreement and other forms via mail, phone or fax by downloading our order form here (PDF).* Please call us with your order, mail or fax it to us:

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  • Regular Members and non-members can also purchase the SFAA Residential Rental Agreement by visiting or contacting our office:

    San Francisco Apartment Association
    265 Ivy Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: 415-255-2288
    Fax: 415-255-1112


Cost for SFAA members is:

  • $15.00 per lease plus sales tax, or
  • a pad of 10 SFAA Residential Rental Agreement is $120.00 plus sales tax

Cost for non-members is $75.00 per copy (tax included - walk-in price) or $85.00 per copy (tax included - mailing price).

CAA Rental Forms

The SFAA provides CAA Rental Forms for all its members. Be it Residential Rental Agreements, Garage Lease Forms or Smoke Detector Agreements, you can purchase them for a nominal fee. (Prices increase for non-members and Associate Members.) For listing of all forms available, please download this PDF file.

Forms are available for mail order and pick up. Your membership account will be invoiced. Non-members or Associate members must pick up forms at our office.


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(CAA forms include everything except our SFAA Residential Rental Agreement, SF Garage Lease and Objection Notice. These forms are available only from the SFAA office or via download for cost through our "Fill Out Forms Online Service".)

To download free forms from the CAA you will need your CAA ID number which can be found on your issue of the CAA Perspective Magazine. Your default password is your five digit zip code plus CAA. If you don't have these available, please contact the CAA directly at 800-967-4222.


*The Price list on the SFAA order sheet is for SFAA members. Prices differ for non-members. All sales are FINAL. No refunds or exchanges. Non Members and Associate Members must visit the SFAA in person to purchase all forms. Mail order, online download, or Fill Out Forms Online is not available.