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what we do

Our mission: The SFAA is dedicated to educating, advocating for, and supporting the Rental Housing Community so that its members operate ethically, fairly and profitably.

It's a pain to go through the fine print of every new ordinance and regulation that affects your property. Yet even a minor violation of the housing law could cost you thousands of dollars. That's why over 2,800 rental property owners depend on the San Francisco Apartment Association. Since 1917, our nonprofit organization has kept San Francisco housing owners informed about how to manage their property. Our service helps you protect the value of your investment, keeps you informed about your rights as owners, and affords you peace of mind.

We can assist you with practically every aspect of rental property management:

  • SFAA Magazine
    Through our monthly magazine, SFAA keep members updated about proposed laws that could diminish the value of your business.
  • Advice from Experts
    SFAA brings you timely advice from experts on key issues like rent control, insurance planning, earthquake preparedness and pass-throughs on the cost of capital improvements and bonds.
  • Tenant Screening and Forms
    SFAA provides computerized tenant screening along with legal and managerial forms designed specifically for San Francisco.
  • Member Discounts
    Through our associate member organizations, SFAA offers member discounts on insurance coverage (including workers compensation and health care), repairs, and many other services. These discounts could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Legislative Activity
    SFAA keeps you informed about local and state legislation that can affect the way you manage your property.
  • SFAA PAC and Legal Fund
    SFAA Political Action Committee screens local issues and candidates to help property owners make informed decisions and advance their interests. The Legal Fund is used to insure the protection of private property rights through timely court action.

Join the SFAA and stay informed about everything that rental property owners need to know